An Anthology of Changing Climate (ongoing)

On a global scale, Germany‘s intentions are ambitious. The country aims to become a climate-neutral industrial nation by 2045. This places Germany among the international pioneers in the fight against the climate crisis. The path to climate neutrality is the „greatest modernisation and prosperity safeguarding project since World War II“, according to Dirk Messner, the President of the German Environment Agency. The phase-out of coal by 2038, fifteen million electric cars on the roads by 2030 and a massive expansion of renewable energies were enshrined in law.

However, the status quo is as complex as it is paradoxical. While activist groups continue to push the boundaries of climate protest, the expansion of renewable energies is faltering. Despite surveys indicating broad social support for climate protection, public backing is clearly waning when it comes to practical measures. Recently, dependence on Russian gas, the resulting energy crisis, economic hardships and inflation exacerbated the social climate.

“An Anthology of Changing Climate“ is a journey through German society divided on climate issues, addressing the struggle for guiding narratives and the question of whether it is possible to find sustainable answers to the climate crisis through social consensus.

My work is a document of Germany's intricate transition towards climate neutrality. It is driven by the observation of social and ecological dynamics and their interrelationship. I seek for photographs that condense these dynamics in order to interweave them in a larger narrative. For me, my work is a way of reflecting on the roots of societal and climatological change within complex modern societies. I do believe that understanding the human condition within its environment is pivotal for grasping the past, navigating the evolving present, and envisioning potential futures.