Member of:
DOCKS Collective, VG Bild-Kunst, Freelens e.V. and Fotobus Society
Represented by LAIF Agency

Photo Books:
︎︎︎  About the Days ahead, 2023, Kettler Publishing
︎︎︎ A year along the Banks (DOCKS), 2023, Kettler Publishing



︎︎︎Echoes of now, Leica Gallery Porto, Portugal

︎︎︎”Eviction”, Chungmoo Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

︎︎︎”Home again”, Stadthaus, Ulm, Germany

︎︎︎ “Eviction”, PhEST Festival Internazionale di Fotografia e Arte, Monopoli, Italy
︎︎︎ ”A Year along the Banks” (DOCKS), MRO Foundation, Arles, France
︎︎︎”A Year along the Banks” (DOCKS), FOTODOKS, Munich,Germany
︎︎︎”A Year along the Banks” (DOCKS), Bucharest Photofest, Rumania
︎︎︎”A Year along the Banks” (DOCKS)
GAF Gallery for Photography, Hanover, Germany

︎︎︎”Home again”, Willy-Brandt-Haus, Berlin, Deutschland
︎︎︎ „The Antechamber”, Superraum, Dortmund, Deutschland
︎︎︎„Covid”, GAF Galerie für Fotografie Hannover, Deutschland
︎︎︎”home”, Sprengelmuseum, Hannover, Germany
︎︎︎Format Festival, Derby, Great Britain
︎︎︎Lishui Photo Festival, Lishui, China ︎︎︎„Erinnerungen schaffen”,
Goethe Universität, Frankfurt, Deutschland

︎︎︎ “Neuland”, Galerie am Wesertor, Minden
︎︎︎ "the pandemic", visa pour l'image, Perpignan, France

︎︎︎ "Athen photofestival", Benaki Museum, Athen, Greece

︎︎︎ "Festival della Fotografica Etica", Lodi, Italy

︎︎︎ Fokus Nachwuchs", Galerie Altes Rathaus, Worpswede, Germany

︎︎︎ "PORTRAITS", Technische Sammlung, Dresden, Germany


︎︎︎ "in condition", f2 photofestival, Dortmund, Germany

︎︎︎ "encounters", Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany

︎︎︎ "Deutscher Jugendfotopreis", Photokina, Köln, Germany


︎︎︎speaker, Indian Photo Fest, Hyderabad, 2023
︎︎︎speaker, Jugendfotopreis, MKK Köln, 2023
︎︎︎ speaker World Press Photo exhibition, digital, 2021
︎︎︎ speaker German American Conference at Harvard, November 2020

︎︎︎ panel discussion, city hall Balingen, July 2019

︎︎︎ panel discussion, Depot Dortmund, June 2018

TV und Radio:

︎︎︎ „Geschichte und Geschichten – 40 Jahre Fotoagentur Laif, WDR Westart (TV)

︎︎︎ „Stilles Land. Fotografien aus dem Leben in der Coronakrise”, WDR Westart (TV)
︎︎︎ „Bilder der Pandemie” – Der Fotograf Ingmar Björn Nolting bereist Deutschland im Corona-Jahr, Tandem, SWR 2 (Radio) 
︎︎︎ „Pandemic responses captured on camera”, Arts and Culture, DW (TV)

︎︎︎ „Neuland”, WDR 5 (Radio)
︎︎︎ „Kultur Aktuell”, SWR 2 (Radio)

Ingmar Björn Nolting (1995) lives and works as a freelance photographer in Leipzig, Germany. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund. He is a member of laif agency and a regular contributor to The New York Times. In his recents works, Ingmar condenses the moods and conditions of German society. With his restrained, stage-like images, he describes and explores the complex interconnections of environment, politics, and social dynamics. Poetically and at the same time paradoxically, he photographs the transformation of his homeland, Germany – amidst division, rearmament, pandemic, and climate crisis. Ingmar held a scholarship of Stiftung Kunstfonds.

He is a founding member of “DOCKS Collective” for humanist photography.

He is based in Leipzig, Germany and is available for assignments, feel free to request.

Ingmar’s work has been published in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times, TIME Magazine,, New Yorker, ZEIT Magazin, The Washington Post, Le Monde, M Magazine, The Sunday Times, GEO, The Guardian, STERN, Brand Eins, ZEIT, …

His work is part of the art collection of the Museum of Art and Cultural History, Dortmund.

Awards and Mentions (selected):

︎︎︎ Hopper Prize Artist Grant
︎︎︎ Alexia Environmental Grant, Runner-up
︎︎︎ Stern Prize, Photo story of the year, nominated
︎︎︎ VG Bildkunst Grant
︎︎︎ New York Portfolio Review, Participant

Deutscher Fotobuchpreis, Silber
︎︎︎ Leica Society International Grant
︎︎︎ LUCIE Photobook Award, Finalist
︎︎︎ Vital Impacts Grant, Honorable Mention
︎︎︎ VG Bildkunst Grant
︎︎︎ Environmental Photographer of the Year, Shortlist
︎︎︎ PHmuseum Grant, PhEst Prize
︎︎︎ Felix Schoeller Award, Finalist (DOCKS)
︎︎︎ Hamburg Portfolio Review, selected

︎︎︎ Leica Oskar Barnack Award, Finalist (DOCKS)
︎︎︎ Otto-Steinert-Preis, 3rd Price (DOCKS)
︎︎︎ Rückblende Preis für politische Fotografie (DOCKS)
︎︎︎ True Pictures Grant, Honerable Mention

︎︎︎ Leica Oskar Barnack Award, Newcomer, Finalist
︎︎︎ Wellcome Photography Prize, Finalist
︎︎︎ ADC, Grand Prix Winner
︎︎︎Publication Grant of the Stiftung Kulturwerk, Grant Winner
︎︎︎ Prix Isem, Finalist
︎︎︎ Stiftung Kunstfonds, Scholarship
︎︎︎ Sony World Photography Awards, Shortlist
︎︎︎ Copenhagen Photofestival, Finalist
︎︎︎Belfast Photofestival, Shortlist
︎︎︎ PORTRAITS Hellerau, Finalist
︎︎︎ APA Photographer of the year

︎︎︎ Vonovia Award for Photography, 2nd Prize
︎︎︎ Ian Parry Scholarship, Highly Commended
︎︎︎ Grant of the Kulturstiftung Sachsen
︎︎︎ W. Eugene Smith Grant, Finalist
︎︎︎ Prix SixMois du Photojournalisme, Finalist
︎︎︎ Getty Images Reportage Grant, Winner
︎︎︎ LensCulture Critics’ Choice Award, Winner
︎︎︎ World Report Award, Student Category, Winner
︎︎︎Hansel-Mieth Award, Nominee
︎︎︎Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards, Winner
︎︎︎VG Bildkunst Stipendium, Grant Winner
︎︎︎PORTRAITS — Hellerau Photography Award, Finalist
︎︎︎German Youth Photography Award, Grand Prize Winner


︎︎︎BFF Förderpreis, Grant Winner  
︎︎︎Gomma Grant, Shortlist
︎︎︎Alexia Foundation, Student Grant, Shortlist
︎︎︎Otto-Steinert-Preis, Honorable Mention
︎︎︎Fujifilm Young Talent Award, Finalist
︎︎︎ND Awards, Documentary, Silver
︎︎︎Athens Photo Festival, Shortlist
︎︎︎New Generation Prize at PHmuseum Grant, Honorable Mention
︎︎︎PDNedu, Portraiture, Honorable Mention

︎︎︎Emerge Visual Journalism Grant, Winner
︎︎︎OKS Portfolio Review Night, selected
︎︎︎Vonovia Award for Photography, Newcomer Award, Finalist
︎︎︎LuganoPhotoDays Emerging Award, Finalist
︎︎︎Canon Masterclass, Visa pour l’image, Perpignan, selected

︎︎︎Vonovia Award for Photography, Newcomer Award, Winner
︎︎︎Felix Schoeller Photo Award, Best ︎︎︎Emerging Photographer, Shortlist
︎︎︎Kolga Award, Best Documentary, Nominated
︎︎︎Kolga Award, Newcomer Award, Finalist
︎︎︎NikonNOOR-Workshop, C/O Berlin, selected

︎︎︎German Youth Photography Award, Awardee

︎︎︎Scholarship, granted by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)